Final Nights

by Umbrose

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Noctilucant Total chill-out, Ulver-ish, electronic and neo classical styled music that's hard for me to resist. Favorite track: Crushed Like Velvet (Velour).
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The debut EP "Final Nights" by Umbrose isaiming to deliver ambient atmosphere to those who let their thoughts wander and want to find something out of the ordinary. Electronic soundscapes meet traditional instrumentation - where synthesized sounds are combined with piano, harp, flute, bass and cello, and distinctive drumbeats hold the structures together.
"Final Nights" largely composed and recorded in Finland in the summer of 2013, during which Umbrose travelled the land gathering inspiration and refining a multitude of ideas worthy of casting into music.


released September 1, 2013



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Umbrose San Diego, California

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Track Name: How Many Winters?
"Your own body reflects your understanding of the natural world.

Beastly? Maybe.

A beast? That's up to you.."
Track Name: Crushed Like Velvet (Velour)
"Are you afraid? Are you jealous of the life you lost?
You're as dead as you feel, darling.."

"Can't you tell? I simply adore you. You're so sweet to me, the way you protect me.

What would I have done had you never come in here?
Oh, why can't they all be like you?
The world could be so, so beautiful."

"Here, take this, a reminder of the beautiful girl whose heart you stole."
Track Name: MMN
"On hands and knees you lap up the milk of me, what all suede kittens do."

"And we purr, kitten, like dragonflies buzzing around frog bellies"

"We all keep riding on this moonlight carousel regardless."
Track Name: The Crying Mask
"By the clack-smack-cracking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.."

The day we all die.
When our sleeping forefathers rise and bring about the end of the world.

Many believe we are living, in the Final Nights..."